CCEA Social Justice Suggestions for Educator Involvement


We support our students.

  • Email CCEA SJC (Social Justice Caucus) through our website to receive a button
  • Student-made petitions

  • Student-made resolutions

  • Student letters to elected and CCSD Superintendent

  • Student-led sit-in in quad or other safe areas

  • Student-led moment of silence on playground

  • Student-led reading of the 17 names

  • Student-led activity like making a 17 with people and taking a photo

  • Student-led creative activity support the movement

  • Student-led voter registration

  • Educators advising student lead “March Groups” so that students can create safe protests or work with school administration

Student Leadership is currently activating at:  Arbor View, Green Valley, College of Southern Nevada, Silverado, Desert Oasis, Palo Verde, Coronado, Clark, Green Valley, Sierra Vista, WCTA, and Spring Valley

Proposed Motions

  1. CCEA supports the Gender Diversity Policy proposed by the Gender Diverse Working Group.
  2. CCEA supports efforts to fully staff CCSD police force which currently has 20 open positions.  Rationale: Educators would like security to be provided by professionally trained and full-time authorities.  
  3. CCEA, as an organization and strong voice in public education, should be involved in on-going conversations aimed at advancing and supporting students’ first amendment rights.
  4. CCEA should participate in on-going conversations aimed at protecting educators who, in their role, support students’ first amendment rights.